Rebs For Academies

REBS Sports
    • Benefits of Physical Activity for Academies

      REBSSPORTS for Academies is meant for children, sportsmen and individuals willing to master a sport of their interest. We train children on par with world-class sports training methodologies. The curriculum is research-based and NASPE approved.

      Before a child is introduced to a sport, he needs to be primed for that sport. The body needs structured training so that it is flexible and strong enough to withstand the challenges of a sport. Injuries often make sportsmen quit their careers. Most injuries occur when the body is physically not ready for the maneuvers and movements demanded in a sport. The REBSSPORTS curriculum thus begins with basic movement concepts and body strengthening routines and then moves on to sports mastery.

      • The REBSSPORTS program enhances motor skills, agility, alertness and good health.
      • Helps in the development of bones and muscles, thus enabling proper physical growth.
      • Develops sportsmanship and team spirit.
      • Builds self-confidence and relieves stress.